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Md. Abdul Basit

Assistant Professor
M.Sc in Civil & Structural Engineering (BUET)
B.Sc in Civil Engineering (KUET)
Room # 811 Ext # 841

Md. Abdul Basit is working as a faculty in the Department of Civil Engineering at IUBAT – International University of Business Agricultural and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Earlier he worked as lecturer in same university. He has completed his Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Civil Engineering in the year of 2016 from Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET) and Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Civil & Structural Engineering in Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in the year of 2021.

At the same time, he worked as a Research Assistant (RA) with his supervisor for 1 year. He has over 5 years overall teaching experience in several universities. He has three publications, two in conference and other one in a journal. During his research work he has gained experience in analyzing and modelling in Finite Element Modelling (FEM) Software ABAQUS and learned programming language python also. preparation of feasibility study report etc. His fields of research interests are Structural Engineering, Finite Element Modelling, Buckling behaviour analysis etc.

M.Sc in Civil & Structural Engineering (BUET)
B.Sc in Civil Engineering (KUET)

  • CEN 207 Engineering Measurement and Surveying
  • CEN 257 Mechanics of Solids
  • CEN 258 Mechanics of Solids Lab
  • CEN 309 Structural Analysis and Design-I
  • CEN 160 Civil Engineering Drawing I

1. Basit, M. A., Hasan, N. M. S., Miah, M. J., & Paul, S. C. (2023). Strength and cost analysis of concrete made from three different recycled coarse aggregates. Materials Today: Proceedings.

2. Experimental and Numerical Comparative Study on RC Beam Flexurally Strengthened with CFRP Laminate, MA Basit, MTE Amin - IUBAT Review 6(1) 13-24, 2023

3. A Review on Partial Replacement of Cement in Concrete by Three Supplementary Materials
MA Basit, MM Islam, MS Ahmed, SC Paul, NMS Hasan - IUBAT Review, 2022

4. Paul, S. C., Basit, M. A., Hasan, N. M. S., Dey, D., & Panda, B. (2023). 3D printing of geopolymer mortar: Overview of the effect of mix design and printing parameters on the strength. Materials Today: Proceedings.

5. Paul, S. C., Babafemi, A. J., Miah, M. J., Basit, M. A., Hasan, N. M. S., & Kong, S. Y. (2022). Role of sugarcane juice as a natural admixture on setting time and hardened properties of cementitious materials. Infrastructures, 7(10), 145.

6. Paul, S. C., Basit, M. A., Hasan, N. M. S., Miah, M. J., & Babafemi, A. J. (2023). Effective management of waste glass: Application in the production of eco-friendly concrete. Materials Today: Proceedings.

7. M. T. E. Amin, M. A. Basit, and M. M. Islam, “A combined strength and cost analysis of concrete by using four different matrixes of materials,” IUBAT Rev. 2, vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 1–11, 2019.

8. “Parametric Study of Thermal Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Columns in Fire” I J Niloy, M R Hossain and M A Basit, International Conference on Structural Engineering Research (ICSER- 2019) 19-23 January 2019

Academic Workshops:

  • Effective Teaching Learning IQAC, International University of Business Agricultural and Technology - 23rd February 2019 to 09th March 2019
  • Outcome-Based Education & Curriculum Mappings IQAC, Dhaka International University - 02-04 January 2018
  • QA workshop on Teaching-Learning Methods &Curriculum contents for Newly appointed teachers IQAC, Dhaka International University - 27th November 2017
  • Effective Teaching European University of Bangladesh (EUB) - 11th May 2017

Honors and Awards:

  •  Dean’s Award 2014 and 2015 [Khulna University of Engineering &Technology]
  •  Academic Scholarship of all four academic years [Khulna University of Engineering & Technology] (Session:2011-12 to 2014-2015) 
  • Certificate of Excellence in Test Examination of H.S.C -2011 (B.A.F Shaheen School and College, Dhaka)