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IUBAT Civil Engineering Society (ICES) is an organization dedicated to the advancement of excellence in education, research, and to train the members to be groomed for future professional engineering field. The Society recognizes Civil Engineering as the skills, knowledge, expertise, and theory associated with purposeful engineering intervention in the civil engineering system.

ICES is involved in activities to advance the knowledge of engineering and the arts and sciences involved in the economical growth of country, while disseminating significant developments in these areas of technology.

The organization is dedicated to bring the professional knowledge into academic field by using their Alumni and experts in Civil Engineering field. The ICESoffers its members leadership training, professional development, mentoring opportunities, career placement services and more!

The ICES is comprised of student of civil engineering department. The ICES is governed by an executive board of civil engineering students and is operated by an executive committee in IUBAT campus. The main objectives of the society are:

  • to ensure undergraduate students, usually those within the College of Engineering and Technology, enjoy university life  through organized seminar, symposium and social events both on and off campus;
  • to promote the values of Engineering and Technology and its applications.
  • to further the prospects of civil  engineering undergraduates through improving relationships between them and the faculty; and
  • to provide better access to the private and public sectors to provide employment.

The ICES is committed to provide update resources and a highly developed structure that will enable ICES members to meet the complex challenges of the modern world. Membership is a solid evidence of an individual’s commitment for enhancing his or her technical knowledge, practical skills and exposure. The first and foremost activities of the society is to hold a free and frank discussion between the freshman,academically challenged students with the scholar members of the society about improving the method of study to become better and well disciplined students. The members of the society are also trying to establish knowledge based platform where the members from diverse culture can share their knowledge and derive benefit from each other.

Civil Engineering society has organized different programs such as iftar party in the month of Ramadan, initiation and reception for freshmen and outgoing students of department of civil engineering, respectively, besides facilitating different workshops and symposiums.