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Md Hishamur Rahman

Senior Lecturer
MSc in Civil Engineering (IUT)
BSc in Civil Engineering (IUT)
Room # 314 Ext # 247

Md. Hishamur Rahman completed his BS in Civil Engineering in 2012 from Islamic University of Technology and completed my MS degree in Civil Engineering (Transportation) in 2019 from the same institution. During his master's, he developed spatio-temporal multi-task learning architectures for taxi and ride-hailing systems with anonymized spatial adjacency information.

His research involves the intersection of data science and machine learning to solve problems within the transportation domain, especially problems pertaining to transportation planning, safety, and intelligent transportation systems.

M.Sc. in Civil Engineering (Transportation), Islamic University of Technology (IUT), 2019
B.Sc. in Civil Engineering, Islamic University of Technology (IUT), 2012.

  • CEN 207 Engineering Measurement and Surveying
  • CEN 371 Transportation Engineering I
  • CEN 341 Geotechnical Engineering I
  • CEN 377 Transportation Engineering II


  • Rahman M. H., Rifaat S. M. (2021). Using Spatio-temporal Deep Learning for Forecasting Demand and Supply-demand Gap in Ride-hailing System with AnonymisedSpatial Adjacency Information. IET Intelligent Transport Systems, 1-17.
  • Rifaat S. M., Rahman M. H., Mohammed, Pasha M. (2014). Study on the Effect ofRoad Infrastructure, Socio-Economic and Demographic Features on Road Crashesin Bangladesh. International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 8(4), 1192-1197.


  • Anan F. F., Ahmed N., Habib K. T., Rahman M. H., Rifaat S. M. (2021). Evaluation ofSatisfaction Level of Water Bus Services in Dhaka City from Commuters’ Perspective.3rd Conference of ASEAN Road Safety 2021 (CARS 2021), 6-7 July, 2021. (Accepted).
  • Rahman M. H., Rahman R., Sarker S., Islam M. J. (2020). A Behavioral Choice Modelof MotorcycleRidesourcing in Dhaka City. 1st International Conference on Transportation Research 2020 (ICTR 2020), 18-20 April, 2020.
  • Rahman M. H., Rahman M. M., Fattah M. N., Islam M. M., Chakrabarty R. (2016).Comparative Analysis between Observed and Predicted Pedestrian Risk Exposure:A Method to Evaluate the Risk of Pedestrian Crossing Environment at Intersections.Presented at the 12th Global Engineering, Science and Technology Conference, 23-24 December, 2016.
  • Rahman M. H., Mokim M., Rasel. B. M. O. A., Rahman M., Ahmed T. (2016). Identification of Significant Factors Influencing the Habitual Non-Use of Pedestrian Bridges.Presented at the 12th Global Engineering, Science and Technology, 23-24 December, 2016.


Teaching-Learning, Curriculum, and Quality Assurance

Issuing authority: Graduate Training Institute, Bangladesh

Issued date: June 2016

Honors and Awards:

Best Paper Presentation at the 12th Global Engineering, Science and Technology (GEST)Conference, Dhaka, 2016. 

Professional Services:

Reviewer, IET Intelligent Transport Systems 

Project Funding Secured: 

Developing Multi-task Learning Models for Short-term Traffic Forecasting: A Spatio-

temporal Deep Learning Approach (2019-2021)

Funding Agency: Miyan Research Institute (MRI)

Role: Principal Investigator

Value: Tk 430,000